What is Fashion Check Gaming?

Fashion Check Gaming started as a joke between four friends playing The Secret World. When gearing up for a dungeon run, someone would inevitably be taking forever, only to admit they were holding up the group to change their character’s outfit. It became a running joke to call for a “Fashion Check” before entering a dungeon, because what good was fighting monsters if your outfit didn’t look appropriate for the situation?

Over time the small cabal grew to include more people, bonding over the fact that, while your character’s stats might fluctuate, your fashion could be whatever you wanted it to be without combat repercussion. Fashion Check began to group up in more games, such as Destiny 2 and Conan Exiles. Many members have some sort of creative pursuit, whether that is in Twitch streaming, art, writing, or coding. One thing remained constant across mediums: the Fashion Check crew will always cover each others’ backs when someone needs to stop and do something for the aesthetic.

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