Achievement Initiative

Every Monday night at 10pm EST, our intrepid crew ventures into the Secret World to throw themselves at seemingly insurmountable and asinine challenges for very little profit. Let’s take a look at what they are up to.

“Ok, it’s time, everyone. We need to run Cost of Magic again for a new-bee.” Niirah rolled her eyes at the chorus of groans that ensued. “I don’t understand your dislike of this one. We complete Cost of Magic more reliably than that Bank Heist.”

“Yeah, but at least the Bank Heist involves cartwheels. Cost of Magic involves jump puzzles.” Ame shuddered. “I’d rather we did another lore run.”

“Oh no!” Elvin exclaimed. “We lost three bees in the woods on the last lore run. We are NOT doing that again until someone sorts that out with the Council of Venice.” He looked pointedly at Nephalynne.

To her credit, Nephalynne did not look at all bothered. “They found their way out eventually. Not my fault they weren’t paying attention.”

“Ok ok focusssss.” Niirah tried to reign the group in. “Cost of Magic. We need two monster killers-“

“You mean meat shields,” Yumi snickered.

Niirah gave her a pointed look. “Yes, who will also clear explosives and traps. Thank you so much for volunteering, Yumi.” Niirah sighed. “I’ll escort the new-bees. We also need someone to pick up and run the mission to trigger the acid lake glitch.”

There was quiet to this. Picking up the mission meant doing the third part of the mission: the jump puzzle. Either that or leaving the mission half done, which… no. You finished what you started.

“Don’t look at me,” Violet said quietly. “If I have to do a jump puzzle, we’ll be here all night.”

Niirah sighed and pointed. “Elvin, you’re up.”

“What?! Why me?” The black-clad agent asked.

“Because you’re the cameraman. You’ll get better views.” Niirah grinned like Daimon buying fugu. “Ok, rest of you on murder patrol. Let’s go break some achievements.”

Achievement Initiative takes place every Monday night at 10pm EST on Epic42’s Twitch channel. Looking to get your achievements done in Secret World Legends? Give us a holler and we’ll set up a time.

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