Achievement Initiative

Every Monday night at 10pm EST, our intrepid crew ventures into the Secret World to throw themselves at seemingly insurmountable and asinine challenges for very little profit. Let’s take a look at what they are up to.

The New Website is Here

Hello! Do you like meticulously personalizing your in-game wardrobe? Want to learn more about Fashion Check and its members? Have you ever wished you had the powers to summon an army of shadows to do your bidding? Well, I might not be able to help with that last one, but if you said yes to the first two questions I have great news! Fashion Check Gaming now has their very own website! With it you can look up where and when you can get your fix of fashionable hijinks. Whether it be… Read More

What is Fashion Check Gaming?

Fashion Check Gaming started as a joke between four friends playing The Secret World. When gearing up for a dungeon run, someone would inevitably be taking forever, only to admit they were holding up the group to change their character’s outfit. It became a running joke to call for a “Fashion Check” before entering a dungeon, because what good was fighting monsters if your outfit didn’t look appropriate for the situation? Over time the small cabal grew to include more people, bonding over the fact that, while your character’s stats might fluctuate,… Read More